Fixed Cardiac PET Scanners

Cardiac PET Scanner

Advanced Nuclear Consultants is focused on Nuclear Cardiology and foresees the growth in cardiac PET imaging; all do to the recent changes in reimbursement from Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) set for 2010.

The Medicare Physician Fee Schedule outlines the payment rates for medical services paid to private physicians in an outpatient office setting. The Medicare Physician Fee Schedule states that Myocardial PET perfusion imaging was increased 20% to $1,432.87 per study. The Schedule also states that Cardiovascular SPECT reimbursement for outpatient cardiology practices billing under CPT codes has been reduced by 36% representing a differential of greater than $1,000 between tests.

Due to Medicare and Medicaid cuts for SPECT imaging, worldwide shortages and patient radiation exposure. Our customers are making the change to Cardiac PET and see it as the future of Nuclear Cardiology.

What Are The Benefits Of Cardiac PET?

  • Shorter Half Life of Isotope - 75 seconds vs. 6 hrs
  • Improve resolution - imaging with 511 keV vs. 140 keV
  • Greater Sensitivity & Specificity - fewer false positives and false negative results
  • Fewer attenuation artifacts - Breast and Diaphragmatic attenuation is resolved
  • Improved Efficiency - complete study takes approx 35 min vs. 3.5 hrs
  • Higher Reimbursement
  • In-house generator-produces isotopes such as rubidium-82

Our Turnkey Services On Your Investment

  • Unlimited Equipment Phone Support
  • OEM Trained Field Service Engineers
  • 24 Hours on Site Response Time
  • Parts and Labor
  • Less Then one Hour Phone Response
  • Two days Application and Phone Support Training
  • Engineer on Site for First Day of Imaging
  • Includes Two Semi- Annual Preventive  Maintenance
  • Include Site Preparations Consulting and Drawings
  • RAM License Amendment  

For more information on the Cardiac PET Scanners or a competitive maintenance quote, please call Richard Armijo at 1-888-668-5633 or email

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