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Ordering Parts

When submitting a request for parts please include the manufacturer, model of camera and part numbers. Or contact us and describe any issues you are experiencing and we will be happy to assist you in determining how to remedy those issues and/or assist you when ordering parts to insure that the correct part has been placed.

Our goal is to provide quality service, reduced down time while providing substantial saving on your investment. Quotes on specific parts, special orders, repair service and delivery are all available through our Parts Department.

ANC carries parts in-stock for the following nuclear medicine systems:

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DescriptionANC Part NumberADAC Part Numbers
Trolley Old23172775200-0280
Handle Controller includes cable21746995200-0286
Scan Beam23169775200-0288
I/O Manual Control (TE 1)23169615200-0502
MCD Interface (TE 5)23169625200-0503
Window Compartor REF 1323168735200-0504
Trigger REF 1423168745200-0504
Correction Window Setting REF 1523168755200-0506
Log Dif Amp X or Y REF 323168765200-0507
Log Dif Amp X or Y REF 623168765200-0507
X or Y Sample & Hold REF 123168775200-0508
X or Y Sample & Hold REF 223168775200-0508
X or Y Sample & Hold REF 423168775200-0508
X or Y Sample & Hold REF 523168775200-0508
Z Sample & Hold REF 723168785200-0509
Z Correction REF 823168795200-0510
Correction Logic REF 1222764555200-0511
Interpolation REF 1122764565200-0512
X or Y Converter REF 922764575200-0513
X or Y Converter REF 1022764575200-0513
Timing REF 1623169565200-0514
Sub-Summing Middle (PE-69)23170555200-0515
Sub-Summing Right (PE-68)23170565200-0516
Sub-Summing Left (PE-70)21726145200-0517
Main Sub-Summing (PE -71)22405995200-0518
PM Controller w/o Memory Backup (PE - 72)21731555200-0519
Pre Amp (PE 1 thru PE 61)T3639KB5200-0520
2 inch Tube (D) (HV 1300-1400)21595875200-0521
2 inch Tube (C) (HV 1200-1300)22090555200-0522
2 inch Tube (B) (HV 1100-1200)23170255200-0523
2 inch Tube (A) (HV 1000-1100)23170265200-0524
3 inch Tube (C) (HV 1200-1300)22265215200-0525
3 inch Tube (D) (HV 1300-1400)23170275200-0526
3 inch Tube (B) (HV 1100-1200)23170285200-0527
3 inch Tube (A) (HV 1000-1100)23170295200-0528
PE 1274 15vdc22037465200-0555
Speed Controller (TE 11)23169635200-0556
Detector Position (TE 4) 21750345200-0558
I/O Total Body (TE 3)22522545200-0559
Detector and XYZ Unit22029085200-0733
Trolley New23172785200-0735
Collimator Rack22772295200-0736
Detector Fan23170305200-0757
HV P.S. Control Board 23169665200-0760
PM Controller for Memory Backup (PE - 72)22001895200-0761
Memory Backup (PE-73)22069905200-0762
Buffer U Board 22413705200-0763
I/O Timming22953625200-0764
CPU Board w/o Proms- Switchable with MDE22336465200-0771
CPU Board w/o Proms -Switchable with DGI (TE 2)22336465200-0771
PE 1813/60 5vdc, 5A fuse22144845200-0780
Proms for DGI CPU23168725200-0785
High Voltage Power Supply21947575200-0787
Hand Wheel Disc Assy (old style)22945935200-0788
PE 1826/60 7 to 15vdc, 3.15A fuse22954945200-0791
PE 1272/00 15vdc, 2.5A fusse22084205200-0792
PE 1271/60 2 to 7vdc, 2.6A fuse21798655200-0793
PE 1273/00 24vdc, 1.6A fuse22877705200-0794
Berger Unit22194625200-0795
Collimator Switches23170315200-0800
Gas Strut23169765200-0802
Motion Control Bd22160535200-0805
ECT Motor Drive Assy.23168705200-0840
Collimator Cart23172845200-0854
Worm Gear Assy.22368565200-0867
PE 1217/01 5vdc23169675200-0873
Ect Gantry Position Pot21642865200-0881
Cable Gantry to DGI (3X) w/ HV cable23169795200-0886
Cable Detector External23169795200-0886
Bearing for Locking handle22574305200-0902
KG Power Supply22298915200-0913
Proms for MDE CPU23169645200-0987
Cable Gantry to DGI (4X) Motor Drive21670645200-0995
HV Cable23169805200-0996
Tomography Table23169755200-1754
Z Sample & Hold (ARC 4000) REF 723169575200-1810
X or Y Sample & Hold (ARC 4000) REF 123169585200-1811
X or Y Sample & Hold (ARC 4000) REF 223169585200-1811
X or Y Sample & Hold (ARC 4000) REF 423169585200-1811
X or Y Sample & Hold (ARC 4000) REF 523169585200-1811
Push Button Brake Control21704005200-1857
Null-Worm Gear Assy.23172855200-1858
Spindle Worm Gear23176025200-1859
PE 1272 15vdc 22084205200-1860
Window for Push Button23169725200-1864
Case for Push Button23169735200-1865
Handle for Yolk23169745200-1866
Crank Handles22945935200-1867
Crank Handles22945935200-1867
Hand Wheel Disc Assy (New Style)22417825200-1871
Gas Shock For New Cart22368615200-1873
Light Guide23170325200-1973
Correction Window Setting (ARC 4000) REF 1523169595200-2018
Log Dif Amp X or Y (ARC 4000) REF 623169605200-2019
Mains Unit23169695200-2245
Cable gantry to detector head22598445200-2869
Gas Shock For Old Cart23172985200-3237
Backplane, KG Power Supply23169685200-3344

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