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ANC combines years of engineering and technical experience, specializing in medical equipment and parts testing. ANC has a vast & diverse inventory that is readily available for purchase and shipment to our customers, providing an effective way to minimize interruption for scheduled maintenance and services.

Ordering Parts

When submitting a request for parts please include the manufacturer, model of camera and part numbers. Or contact us and describe any issues you are experiencing and we will be happy to assist you in determining how to remedy those issues and/or assist you when ordering parts to insure that the correct part has been placed.

Our goal is to provide quality service, reduced down time while providing substantial saving on your investment. Quotes on specific parts, special orders, repair service and delivery are all available through our Parts Department.

ANC carries parts in-stock for the following nuclear medicine systems:

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DescriptionGE Part NumbersADAC Part Numbers
Table Pad Black23165822129-2465
Cirrus Gantry MPU REF 121974422144-5030
Radius Chain L RH23167082145-2117
Fabs Long slides22381162145-2172
Cover Guide Strip21653572145-2178
Fabs Shortside (Long Fabs)21593842145-2353
Fabs Shortside (Long Fabs)21593832145-2354
Fabs Shortside (Short Fabs)22919202145-2442
Fabs Shortside (Short Fabs)22762142145-2443
ECT Motor Assy REF 423167072145-3102
ECT Gear Box REF 323167092145-3111
Radius Chain Long23167102145-3114
Radius Chain Short23167112145-3116
Harmonic Drive Motor Assy.23167132145-3126
Cirrus Take-up Cable21791752145-3178
Cirrus Take-up Cable21791752145-3178
Translate Motor23167052145-3201
Cirrus Signal Cable Kit23167942145-3324
Cirrus Signal Cable Kit23167942145-3324
Fork cover Left23050832145-3341
Fork cover Right21964982145-3342
Brake Control 23164022145-5001
IR Reciever Decoder REF 222291932145-5013
Display Panel Assy. REF 222329442145-5103
IR Receiver REF 122242982145-5433
Cirrus Hand Controller21598442145-5433
Collision Pads21959452145-5434
E-Stop Switch21959452145-5434
Cable A/C Motor 23168012145-5640
Cable Motor Harness 22051702145-5645
Cable Motor Control 22051732145-5649
Harness 'PA'23596522145-5652
Head Control, Argus Epic23167952145-5700
Gantry P/S22260212145-5702
Motor to Arm (E-Stop)22853242145-5703
P/S to Arm22260222145-5704
Gantry Umbilical, Epic/Analog23167962145-5705
P/S to Detector ,Epic23167972145-5706
Head Control to Arm 22260232145-5707
Head , Control to detector, Epic22262592145-5708
Signal to Arm22260252145-5709
Signal to Detector, Epic23167982145-5710
Detector Rotate Motor , Epic23168002145-5711
Power Supply Panel23167992145-5712
Pot & Encoder23167932145-5713
HV & E-Stop +24vdc REF 122090712146-3429
Detector +5vdc VCC REF 522228602146-3430
Detector -5vdc VEE REF 421914732146-3431
ECT Brake FSBR035 REF 922938675100-0753
Exchanger Hydraulic cylinder22759655100-0778
nylon chain 32 pitch23167895101-0855
PS #2 15VDC for Analog Head22051575200-1101
Detector Logic +5vdc,+/-12vdc Lamda REF 221776665200-2965
Gantry Translate REF 723076255200-3050
Detector Rotate REF 823076255200-3050
Detector Radius REF 522421415200-3051
Gantry Rotate REF 6 22421415200-3051
Detector Logic +5vdc,+/-12vdc Bicor REF 222606935200-3178
Harmonic Drive2215321T160-0100
PS #1 Power One +5, -5, 24 VDC for Analog Head2188121T180-0000
Gantry MPU +5vdc,+/-15vdc REF 32205187T180-0010
Filter, Line 20A REF 62249811T606-3020
Max Limit Board ECT REF 12254846T808-2510
Gantry Translate REF 7T3639BRT904-0060
Detector Rotate REF 8T3639BRT904-0060
Detector Radius REF 52202838T904-0070
Gantry Rotate REF 6 2202838T904-0070

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