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ANC carries parts in-stock for the following nuclear medicine systems:

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DescriptionGE Part NumbersADAC Part Numbers
DROT REF 12203828T904-0070
DROT REF 123076255200-3050
DROT REF 122771605200-2982
DRAD REF 22203828T904-0070
DRAD REF 222421415200-3051
DRAD REF 222771605200-2982
TRANS REF 3T3639BRT904-0060
TRANS REF 323076255200-3050
TRANS REF 322534495200-2981
Table Head REF 42171754T904-0050
Table Head REF 423076255200-3050
Table Head REF 4 5200-2980
Table Foot REF 52171754T904-0050
Table Foot REF 523076255200-3050
Table Foot REF 5 5200-2980
GROT (Must use has brake circuit) REF 62203828T904-0070
Table Sync REF 72188119T808-2410
GROT (Use this on only it has a brake circuit) REF 12203828T904-0070
DROT 2 REF 222742922144-5104
DROT 1 REF 322742922144-5104
RAD 1 REF 42203828T904-0070
RAD 1 REF 422421415200-3051
RAD 2 REF 52203828T904-0070
RAD 2 REF 522421415200-3051
TRANS REF 6T3639BAT904-0060
TRANS REF 623076255200-3050
Table Foot REF 722742922144-5104
Table Head REF 822742922144-5104
Detector +/- 15vdc REF 122051575200-1101
Detector +/- 5vdc, +24vdc REF 22188121T180-0000
Gantry MPU +/- 15vdc, +5vdc REF 32205187T180-0010
Detector -5vdc VEE REF 121914732146-3431
HV & E-Stop +24vdc REF 222524682146-3429
Detector +5vdc VCC REF 322228602146-3430
Detector Logic +5vdc,+/-12vdc Bicor REF 422606935200-3178
Detector Logic +5vdc,+/-12vdc Lamda REF 421776665200-2965
Gantry MPU +5vdc,+/-15vdc REF 52205187T180-0010
Detector +15vdc REF 121890445200-2092
HV & E-Stops +24vdc REF 222090715200-2072
Detector +/-5vdc REF 321903505200-2073
Detector -15vdc REF 421890445200-2092
Head 2 +5vdc REF 122228602146-3430
Head 1 +5vdc REF 222228602146-3430
Head 2 -5vdc REF 321914732146-3431
Head 1 -5vdc REF 421914732146-3431
Gantry MPU +5vdc,+/-15vdc REF 52205187T180-0010
HV & E-Stops +24vdc REF622524682146-3429
Detector Logic +5vdc,+/-12vdc Lamda REF 721776665200-2965
Detector Logic +5vdc,+/-12vdc Bicor REF 422606935200-3178
Single Head Hand Controller with cable21702772129-5424
Hand Controller cableT3639DS2129-5725
Dual Head Hand controller cable21650612129-5734
Dual Head Hand controller with cable21722602144-5404
Counterweight Distribution PCB2316505T808-2180
Gantry MPU21794652129-5574
System Harness Interface PCB2188118T808-2290
Table Head/Foot endstand pcb (where pot and motor pwr plugs into)2265359T808-2500
Max Limit 2254846T808-2510
Gantry Display box Switches2316553T611-7590
Gantry Display Box Assembly2188631T210-0150
Gantry Display PCB21886332188633
Milar screen for Gantry Display (must get 2213445 too)22134432129-2623
Plastic cover for Gantry Display (must get 2213443 too)2213445T100-1350
24 volt Relay K3, K12206232T702-4020
10A Circuit Breaker2243755T621-2340
15A Circuit Breaker2309154T621-2350
1.5A Slo-Blo Fuse23165545100-2024
2A Slo-Blo Fuse23165555100-2003
3A Slo-Blo Fuse2316556T621-8030
Encoder only21744335200-2969
Pot only2195208-36550-2054
E-Stop Switch23710532146-5620
Display PCB22971162144-5000
Gantry MPU21791432144-5032
Max Limit GROT2254846T808-2510
Pre-Program Button Box21864042144-5400
24 volt Relay K3, K12206232T702-4020
10A Circuit Breaker2243755T621-2340
15A Circuit Breaker2309154T621-2350
2A Slo-Blo Fuse23165555100-2003
3A Slo-Blo Fuse2316556T621-8030
Dual Head Data Mux Board21901902143-5017
Acme Screw Assy2188189T100-0650
Ball Screw Assy2188190T100-1510
Detector Rotate Pot/Encoder Assy.23165672129-5138
Shaft Pot/Encoder (2x) used in 23165672188191T100-2160
Gantry Rotate Pillow Block5109449T190-0590
ECT Shaft for Pillow Block5109448T100-2270
Gear Pot/Encoder (2x) used in 23165672188192T190-0520
Right Hand Radius Cover2281752T100-1310
Left Hand Radius Cover2280440T100-1320
Gantry Rotate Motor2236757T160-0070
Gantry Rotate Pot/Encoder Assy2187901T210-0550
Corner Block Alignment Tool23165952129-3134
Corner Block 1 & 3 Assy (need 2316595)2316558T210-0670
Corner Block Assy. (need 2316595)2316559T210-0680
Corner Block Connector Assy (need 2316595)2188198T210-0690
Woodruff Key2316561T302-6000
Connector Collimator ID & collision in corner block2172147T701-8120
Cable, Collimator ID & Collision2188199-2T710-7700
Detector Radius Motor (motor only)2188200T904-0240
Drive Shaft Assy (1 Sprocket)21957122129-2971
Drive Shaft Assy 16 Tooth23165632129-3145
Detector Radius Pot/Encoder Assy. (used in 2316563)21886272129-3144
Det Radius Pot/Encoder Assy. 20 Tooth23165642129-3178
DROT Drive Coupling (It is 3/8th or next size larger gas line hose)22533072129-3148
Worm Drive Replacement Kit22217972129-3156
Harmonic Drive Replacement Kit22217982129-3161
Acme Assy. Left Side Rear w/grease zerts23165652129-3166
Complete radius upgrade all 4 corners all radius parts22997442129-3361
Acme Assy. Right Side Rear w/grease zerts23165662129-3167
Translate Motor with Cluch21876632129-3180
Gantry Rotate Gear Box21836322129-3186
Upg Kit for Translate motor w/o ClutchThe2129-3360
End Stand Motor22339512129-3157
End Stand Motor Brushes21894455100-0793
Idler Shaft (2 Sprockets)22085012129-5435
Gear rail or track23534102129-5441
Thrust Bearing for radius drive2177170T170-0050
Gantry Rotate Motor2236757T160-0070
Gantry Rotate Gear box21835402144-2518
ECT Pot/Encoder Assy22091722144-3134
Translate Drive Assy.21876632187663
Translate Drive Upgrade for systems that do not have clutchT3639DP2129-3360
Translate Pot/Encoder Assy22402792144-3204
Chain Idler22936112144-3105
Radius Motor Assy.21722592144-3110
Radius Motor21722595100-0750
Radius Acme Screw22216682144-2157
Radius Ball Screw22216652144-2158
Radius Encoder Assy.23166132144-3108
Radius Pot Assy.23166152144-3109
Radius Pot Belt23166172144-3201
Radius Drive Limit Switch2249749T611-8010
Radius Drive Motor Brushes21720325100-0779
Detector Rotate Harmonic Drive23089932144-3203
Connecting Link22240685100-9873
Drive Chain22240705100-9874
Gear rail or track23534102129-5441
Detector Harness (Connects Base to counterweight)22378252129-5763
System Motion Harness (Connect Base to counterweight)22378262129-5762
Detector Rotate (connects to DROT Motor, Pot and Encoder)2236934T710-8180
Gear Ring Cable (Connects Counterweight to Detector)2213351-22129-5764
System Interconnect Cable (Connects Gantry to computer)2236620T710-8200
Detector Harness-Ring (Connect Base to Counterweight) Old ADAC P# 2129-57582177643-22129-5766
System Motion Harness -Ring (Connect Base to Counterweight)22378262129-5762
Dectector Rotate (Connects to DROT Motor, Pot, and Encoder)2236934T710-8180
Gear Ring Cable ( Connects Counterweight to Detector)21815282129-5757
System Interconnect Cable ( Connects Gantry to Computer)2236620T710-8200
SHGEN Hand Conroller cable21758112129-5725
Main Gantry (connects Gantry to Computer)21777882144-5629
System Motion #1 (Connect Base to Radius Arm cover)22378292144-5696
System Motion #2 (Connect Base to Radius Arm cover)22378302144-5697
System Detector Harness #1 (Connect Base to Radius Arm cover)22378312144-5698
System Detector Harness #2 (Connect Base to Radius Arm cover)22378342144-5699
Detector Rotate Power Head 1&222539762144-5642
Gear Ring Harness ( connects Radius arm to detector)22026652144-5643
System Motion #1 (Connect Base to Radius Arm cover)22378292144-5696
System Motion #2 (Connect Base to Radius Arm cover)22378302144-5697
System Detector Harness #1 (Connect Base to Radius Arm cover)23166182144-5704
System Detector Harness #2 (Connect Base to Radius Arm cover)23166192144-5705
Gear Ring Harness23166202144-5684
Main Gantry (connects Gantry to Computer)21777882144-5629
Detector Rotate Power Head 1&222539762144-5642
DHGEN Hand Controller Cable21650612129-5734
Gantry Display Box Ribbon Cable2188632T710-7720
DHGEN Hand Controller 21722602144-5404
Part of Gantry Disp Box Ribbon Cable22894592144-5651
Kit Drive Motor Replacement22339512129-3157
Brushes for older SH endstand motors21894455100-0793
Ball Screw Assy2316570T100-1410
Table Pallet Clamp2188638T100-2570
Screw 1/4-20x3 (used with 2188638)2173872T303-0180
Hand holder Assy23165722144-3137
Extension Rod (part of 2316572)2316573T100-2940
Hand Grip Bar (part of 2316572)2316575T100-2950
Screw 1/4-20x3 (used with 2316572)2316577T300-2030
Screw 8-32x1/4 (part of 2316572)2316579T300-2120
Screw 14-20x1.25 (part of 2316572)2316580T303-0170
Hand Grip (part of 2316572)2316581T628-1010
Extension Block (part of 2316572)23165822144-2186
Cable End Stand Interconnection2302865T710-8320
ANOA PCB2299052T808-2560
Foam Pad for Patient Pallet23165832129-2465
Blue ADAC Patient Strap23165862129-2736
Patient Pallet (Black) or (Table)21809562144-5406
Hand Holder Knob & Screw Only ( Foot end of table )23008055100-8157
Foam Pad Head Protector23165862129-2466
Black Patient Straps2316587T130-6620
new style end stand motorT3639MW5200-2342
Table Pad Genesys23165822129-2465
Teflon Base Strip (Use on Belly Pan)22150392129-2904
L/H Exchange FrameTeflon Latch (Used on Belly Pan)2177580-22129-2905
R/H Exchange FrameTeflon Latch (Used on Belly Pan)21687792129-2908
Tape Foam 2 Sided 1" width 3M Y-4950 (Use with 2215039)22154439999-5036
Left Side guide tray21744342129-2907
Right Side guide tray21744352129-2909
Compression Spring -Heavy 23172755100-8841
Compression Spring -Normal 23172765100-8834
Polyethylene Tape22139819999-5040
Entire tray for collimator 2129-3123
Linear Actuator (New Style with bolted on mounting tab)22259365200-2143
Linear Actuator (Old Style with fixed mounting tab)22491645200-1681
Cap for actuator23172734170-3710
1.25A Fuse23172745100-2148
Mini-Roll Switch22275485070-1327
Foot Switch218863552001683
Mechanical Latch for Pinhole rack22881142129-3138
Connector Collimator ID & collision in corner block ON DETECTOR HEAD2172147T701-8120
Collimator ID w/cable for Vertex Classic, SH, DH, & Argus22051742145-5662
Cable for collimator harness22620402129-5743
L/H Collimator Slide Lock21603862129-2860
R/H Collimator Slide Lock21603872129-2861
Collimator collision boards (this is the board w/3 switches) it comes w/2 bds23170002129-5130
Switches for collimator (there are six switches per collimator 3 per board)21770775070-1318
Detector Kit for new switches (one per detector)23170002129-3371
Collimator Kit for New Switches (one per collimator) NEW STYLE22418632129-3372
New Mylar Collision Strip2170173-22129-5443
Foam Pad for Mylar Collision Strip22921922129-2734
Connector (Collimator ID & collision) in corner block2172147T701-8120

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