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ANC carries parts in-stock for the following nuclear medicine systems:

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DescriptionGE Part NumbersADAC Part Numbers
Table Pad Classic, Gen, Arg/Cir23165822129-2465
Hand Controller Cable (for all cameras)21650612129-5734
Leadscrew Spacer REF 923165402144-2163
Transition Spacer REF 1322506822144-2316
Transition Spacer REF 522506812144-2317
Slotted Arm Rest21910692144-2709
Brake Board (Cirrus) [used in the Auto exchanger] REF 223165022145-500
Brake Control Bd same as in Classic Gantry REF 823165022145-5002
Min Limit sensor REF 1523165372145-5011
Leadscrew REF 1422304732146-2139
bearing Block, not includedin above kits23164642146-2156
Limit Switch REF 1623165352146-2241
Spring Collimator sense on Carriage23172602146-2260
Bridge 2146-2300
Push Plate Upper Carriage23172622146-2335
Flange Bushing Eccentric23165182146-2434
Outer Bushing Eccentric23165192146-2435
Stop Block23158042146-2441
Push Plate Lower Carriage23172612146-2474
Brake REF 222742862146-2505
Pulley 34 teeth REF 1122491532146-2506
Gear 55 Teeth (Carriage)23172632146-2533
Screw for middle of Eccentric23165202146-2547
Gear Box ECT (Vertex Classic)23164572146-2581
Gear box 40:125164572146-2581
Radius Ball Screw without Tensioner 23164662146-3110
Radius Ball Screw with Tensioner 23165682146-3111
Belt Tensioner(Vertex Classic)23164702146-3115
Belt Tensioner23164702146-3115
ECT Drive motor (all systems)23164712146-3116
ECT Drive Motor23164712146-3116
Ect Idler Support23164722146-3118
Pot Assembly for Carriage23172572146-3160
Pot Assembly for Bridge22903152146-3163
Pot Assembly fot Elevator23172592146-3167
HEGP 2146-3205
MEGP Cover22514712146-3206
LEGP & LEHS Cover22741242146-3207
LEHR & FBLF Cover22974342146-3207
VXHR & VXUR Cover22501802146-3209
Corner Block LH rear no latch Head 1 & 222841962146-3215
Corner Block RH rear no latch Head 222840782146-3216
Corner Block RH Front latch Head 223165222146-3217
Corner Block LH Front latch Head 1 & 223165232146-3218
Eccentric on collimator (Short block)2260596-22146-3219
Eccentric on collimator (Long block )2260594-22146-3220
RH Locking Plate23158022146-3221
LH Locking Plate23165242146-3222
Head Rotate ( Classic)23164422146-3245
Elevator 2146-3249
Belt Sensor23164482146-3302
Carrage Kit (2146-3246 is apart of) 2146-3316
KSKIT , Leadscrew, Foot23164622146-3318
FSKIT , Leadscrew assy,Head23164612146-3319
Radius Upgrade Kit (green to blue)23165322146-3337
Vantage cable upgrade22538052146-3361
Ring cable Vertex Classic (Epic) Upgrade Kit22513372146-3363
Ring cable Vertex Classic (Analog) Upgrade Kit22672252146-3366
Gearbox Upgrade Kit23848822146-3370
Corner Block RH , no latch Head 123165252146-3408
Corner Block RH, latch Head 123165262146-3409
UHGP Cover21604232146-3410
ECT Clutch (Vertex Clasic Gantry 2 Rotate)22934032146-3415
Head 1&2 (+24v) P.S. Ref #322524682146-3429
Head 2 (+5v) P.S. Ref # 622228602146-3430
Head 1 (+5v) P.S. Ref # 722228602146-3430
Head 2 (-5v) P.S. Ref #421914732146-3431
Head 1 (-5v) P.S. Ref #521914732146-3431
GROT & Translate/ Clutch (28v) P.S. Ref #123164162146-3432
Gantry MPU (+5v, + 15v) P.S. Ref # 922051872146-3433
MPU PS +5vdc, + 15vdc REF6 2146-3433
Radius Drive (Bigger Motor for Amazon)23164692146-3442
Translate Drive for the retro kit 2146-3460
Brake Pin Plate REF 322934822146-3864
Thrust Support Block REF 723165392146-3869
Vantage shutter pin 2146-3884
Exchanger Control REF 122721292146-5000
Display Ctrl PCB22495892146-5003
MPU for Vertex Classic22493942146-5008
Max/Home Limit sensor REF1222496002146-5012
Belt Brake Sensor23164442146-5013
Belt Brake Sensor REF 623164442146-5013
Vantage Solenoid Driver REF 123165002146-5024
(Uses Sensor # 01)Det Hd 1 Collimator Latch Open23164452146-5031
Head 1 collimator latch open REF 423164452146-5031
(Uses Sensor #02 & 11) Det 1 Pin Lock Sensor In/Out22496052146-5032
(Uses Sensor #03 & 04) Det 2 Pin Lock Sensor In/Out22857512146-5033
(Uses Sensor # 05) Left Ring Lock 90 degT3639RA2146-5035
(Uses Sensor # 06) Right Ring Lock 90 degT3639RB2146-5036
(Uses Sensor # 07) Left Ring Lock 180 degT3639RC2146-5037
(Uses Sensor # 08) Right Ring Lock 180 degT3639RD2146-5038
(Uses Sensor # 09) Det 1 Collimator Latch23164472146-5039
(Uses Sensor # 10) Det 2 Collimator Latch22788392146-5040
(Uses Sensor # 12) Det Head 2 Collimator Latch Open22496542146-5042
Head 2 collimator latch open REF 422496542146-5042
(Uses Sensor # 13) Det 1 Collimator Latch Lock23087622146-5043
Head 1 collimator latch lock REF 223087622146-5043
(Uses Sensor # 14) Det 1 Collimator Latch Lock22496592146-5044
Head 2 collimator latch lock REF 222496592146-5044
Display Enclosure Assembly23164732146-5100
Gantry/Exchanger Panel Assembly w/knob23164912146-5105
Translate Sensor w/out bracket22807652146-5106
Vertex Classic Hand Controller21864062146-5406
Vantage (+24v) P.S. Ref #222972132146-5453
Vantage PS (+24v) REF 222972132146-5453
Vertex Classic Display PCB22689072146-5502
Main Gantry Cable, Analog22489832146-5604
Motor Controller Interface23164962146-5606
Display Box cable for Vertex Classic51377012146-5617
Radius Encoder (Head) Telephone (coil cord)22477142146-5619
E-Stop Switch23710532146-5620
Radius, Pot (Foot) Telephone (coil cord)22477132146-5623
Belly pan hand control cable between belly pan and MPU23004542146-5625
"Collimator sensor present" hall effect sensor for carriage23171812146-5639
Main Gantry Cable, Epic23680832146-5667
Eccentric for pawl22652102149-2109
Vertex Pins in the gantry22641792149-2140
Collimator Latch lock (Dog House)23172662149-2144
Clamp for Table22760242149-2165
Carriage Eccentric23172682149-2317
Front Rail (Roller Plate)23164582149-2361
Magnet REF 322641802149-2413
Motor Spacer23175112149-2457
Cover Bracket23175092149-2461
Knob for Table22760882149-2509
Newest motor for Translate22496852149-2545
Table Pad Long Table23434932149-2710
Cassette Left cover22587062149-2712
Cassette Right cover22998272149-2713
Table Pad Short Table51701232149-2721
Foot End Stand (Vertex +, Cardio Man/Auto Exch)23169392149-3127
Head End Stand (Vertex +, Cardio Man/Auto Exch)22627672149-3128
Foot End Stand (Solus)23169442149-3131
Head End Stand (Solus)23169432149-3132
Take-up Cable23160832149-3154
Head End Stand (Vertex +, Auto Exch)23169402149-3164
Telemag, Head Z motion Vertex-P, Cardio & Solus Semi & Auto22600032149-3178
Telemag, Head Z motion (All Amazon Camera and Exch)22600032149-3178
Motor, Foot X motion22593992149-3184
Motor, Head X motion, Vertex-P, Cardio & Solus22593992149-3184
Motor, Foot X motion (Vertex +, Cardio Man/Auto Exch)22593992149-3184
Motor, Head X motion (Vertex +, Cardio Man/Auto Exch)22593992149-3184
Mini-Beam with Cable21966122149-3189
Mini - Beam Sensor21966122149-3189
Pinhole cover 2149-3217
MPU cable strain relief upgrade (DOOR)23037002149-3358
Ring cable Vertex-P, Cardio, & Solus Upgrade Kit22338142149-3363
Translate Drive retro for Amazon (New 9/98)22931612149-3364
Translate Drive retro for Amazon (New 9/98)22931612149-3364
Upgrade Kit (Blue to new Gold)22658942149-3394
Pulley Upgrade22609582149-3395
Translate Motor for the 3364 retrofit (entire assembly)22767012149-3408
Pawl Assembly23165472149-3425
Open Sensor Bracket with magnet23165452149-3426
Motor Assembly23175102149-3467
Ring Blocks ( Needed for Upgrade Kit)22551202149-3719
Drill / Tap fixture22922602149-3723
Ring Lock Upgrade22813852149-3856
SAD Bd REF 122929142149-5000
EPIC Transition Panel22496612149-5001
PCBA Left Ring Lock 90 deg (head side)23164502149-5005
PCBA Right Ring Lock 90 deg (Foot side)22929172149-5006
PCBA Left Ring Lock 180 deg (Head Side)22929182149-5007
PCBA Right Ring Lock 180 deg (Foot Side)22929192149-5008
Patient Table22691352149-5402
Vertex-P Hand Controller w/Cable21864082149-5409
Cardio Hand Controller w/Cable21864092149-5410
Solus Hand Controller w/Cable21864122149-5411
Back Gear Rail 22963132149-5425
Telemag, Foot Z motion22842132149-5431
Telemag, Foot Z Motion (All Amazon Camera and Exch)22842132149-5431
Vertex-P, Cardio & Solus Display22689072149-5502
MPU for Vertex-P, Cardio & Solus 22605912149-5508
Cable collimators Sensor (fit in corner block)22854652149-5616
Internal cable for head end stand23076052149-5617
Head 2 MCD (-5v) P.S. Ref # 423164262150-5105
Head 1 MCD (-5v) P.S. Ref # 523164262150-5105
MPU for MCD/AC Vertex-P & Solus 23164382150-5508
Gantry/Exchanger Panel Assembly for Atlas23164932152-5100
Collimator lock handle solenoid 5060-2020
Solenoid REF122934485060-2020
Transformer 240 VAC REF 9 5060-3048
PC Stack/Gantry Switch w/out Knob23164745070-1319
switches for display panel22537095070-1354
Carriage Home Sensor23172645070-1356
Magnet, for rear Translate rail22857535070-1361
Magnet for rear rail for Auto Exchanger22857535070-1361
Sensor for Translate22509015070-1362
Det 2 collimator latch open sensor only 5070-1382
SMB-BNC Adapter23165485090-9228
Harmonic Drive23164505100-0003
Radius Drive Belt 1790-5M-1522514745100-0006
Radius Drive Belt22514745100-0006
Head 2 Rotate to Cluch & Cluch to Idler Block 600-5M-1523164515100-0009
Head 1 Rotate to Idler block (Gates 1195-5M)23164535100-0010
Idler Gantry Rotate Motor (Holt 950-5M-15)23164545100-0031
Gear 90 Teeth split hub (Carriage)23172655100-0032
Timing Belt for GROT & Translate Assemblies22187955100-0062
Gantry Rotate23164435100-0775
Vantage Compumotor controller22539775100-0785
Vantage Step motor22538765100-0786
Actuator for Det. Rotate lock22818915100-0792
K5 Relay ( Vertex Clasic only)23165015100-1046
Relay REF 13 5100-1046
HV +24v 2A fuse (F1) 5100-2003
Det 1, 5v 2A fuse (F2) 5100-2003
Det 2, 5v 2A fuse (F4) 5100-2003
GROT 26v 2A fuse (F5) 5100-2003
Det 1 -5vdc 2A fuse (F7) 5100-2003
Det 2,-5v 2A fuse (F9) 5100-2003
Vantage 28v 2A fuse (F10) 5100-2003
Det Logic 10A fuse (F8) 5100-2110
20A Circuit Breaker23035085100-2169
Sensor for Magnet23164495100-2175
GROT Motor Contoller 220vAC 20A fuse (F6) 5100-2175
Spring for latch lock (Dog House)23172675100-8876
Shims .031 in23165785100-9118
Shims .016 in23165765100-9119
Shims .006 in23165745100-9120
Shims .002 in23165715100-9121
Retaining Ring REF 122934855100-9453
Bearing, used in bearing block22698135100-9663
Ball Bearing REF 1022698135100-9663
Thrush Washer REF 822506835100-9664
Front wheels (Cam Follower)23164595100-9742
Connecting Link for 5100-987422240685100-9873
Roller chain between drive motor & drive axle22240705100-9874
Roller chain between axle & bridge drive axle22240705100-9874
Coller Clamp REF 422934845101-0837
Dowel Pin, not included in above kits23164635101-8783
K7 & K8 Relay ( on motor controller door) (All systems)23165065110-1045
Relay REF 10 5110-1045
Relay REF 11 5110-1045
Det2 +/-15v REF 4  5200-2618
Det1 +/- 15v REF 3 5200-2619
GROT / Translate Cluch (28v) REF 123164985200-2620
Power Supply +28vdc REF7 5200-2620
Det 1 & 2 5vdc, 24vdc REF 523047475200-2621
Power Supply +5vdc & + 15vdc REF6 5200-2803
Lambda (+5v, +12v) P.S. Ref # 821776665200-2965
Encoder (NEW)21744335200-2969
Bridge Motor Contoller REF 223076255200-3050
All motor controllers (Except GROT)22421415200-3051
Carriage Motor Controller REF 322421415200-3051
Gantry Rotate22496635200-3052
Elevator Motor Controller REF 422496635200-3052
Bikor (+5v, +12v) P.S. Ref # 822606935200-3178
One turn 250K (Bridge)22985046550-2056
Ten Turn 5K (Carriage & Elevator)2195208-36550-5054
Phillips 10-32x1 screw23175077010-2206
Screw, used in bearing block23164657125-5714
Screws (Needed for Upgrade Kit)22551227131-5130
Bass washer23175067410-0300
Clear Tape for collimators sides22868079999-5142
Improved Steel Rear Wheel T100-0020
H Wheel for the back rail2293162T100-0020
Thrust Bearing REF62177170T170-0050
Line Filter REF 122249811T606-3020
10A Circuit Breaker2243755T621-2340
MPU 4A fuse (F3) T621-8040
Connector (Collimator ID & collision) in corner block2172147T701-8120
K1, K2, K3 and K4 Relays ( All Systems)2206232T702-4020
Relay REF 52206232T702-4020
Interconnect Bd REF 42516505T808-2180
Interconnect Bd REF 52516505T808-2180
B/M ANOA 2316440T808-2506
Max Limit 1 REF 32254846T808-2510
Max Limit 2 REF 72254846T808-2510

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