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  • All gamma cameras come with a two year warranty on the CRYSTALS.
  • The gantry is fully disassembled and rebuilt using new parts wherever needed or factory OEM parts.
  • Known wear-prone items such as bearings, acme screws, and cooling fans are changed as a matter of course.
  • Metal components are sanded to bare metal.
  • A three step painting process offers a clean, durable finish.
  • New graphics are applied to enhance the factory perfect appearance of your gamma camera system.


A commitment to quality is our philosophy. We build a superior product at a reasonable price no matter which system you choose.

Advanced Nuclear Consultants has a strong commitment to service after the sale.

You will find the TEAM at ANC to be knowledgeable and caring throughout the installation. We provide ongoing support through applications training and technical support to you and your staff. A one year parts and labor warranty is consistent with our commitment to quality.

Advanced Nuclear Consultants means total quality assurance…WE GUARANTEE IT!


Richard Armijo, President, spent 16 years in sales management and struggled with the corporate ideologies that the dollar was more important than the customer. Out of that frustration, Advanced Nuclear Consultants was born in 2003, with the understanding that making money is important to a business but that customer service had to be the top priority.

Providing honest consulting and sales/service with integrity allows Advanced Nuclear Consultants to achieve Customer Service Excellence. Although busy with corporate duties, his strong work ethic, hands on approach and desire to ensure the customers satisfaction is exceeded, Richard Armijo is at all site installations to assist the ANC team and answer any questions or concerns that the customer may have.

Since its inception, ANC has provided consulting services, sold nuclear imaging equipment and/or provided technical service in over 23 states nationwide and internationally. ANC has a goal of reaching out to all 50 states and provide coast to coast service.

ANC’s strong customer service orientation drives the entire company and the way it does business through all its relationships both inside and outside the company.

For more information on Imaging Equipment or a competitive maintenance quote, please call 1-888-668-5633 or email

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