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ANC combines years of engineering and technical experience, specializing in medical equipment and parts testing. ANC has a vast & diverse inventory that is readily available for purchase and shipment to our customers, providing an effective way to minimize interruption for scheduled maintenance and services.

Ordering Parts

When submitting a request for parts please include the manufacturer, model of camera and part numbers. Or contact us and describe any issues you are experiencing and we will be happy to assist you in determining how to remedy those issues and/or assist you when ordering parts to insure that the correct part has been placed.

Our goal is to provide quality service, reduced down time while providing substantial saving on your investment. Quotes on specific parts, special orders, repair service and delivery are all available through our Parts Department.

ANC carries parts in-stock for the following nuclear medicine systems:

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DescriptionADAC Part NumbersDDD Part Number
Short Table top2163-34514CSY1374
Long Table Top2163-34524CSY1375
Long Table Mattress2163-34534CSY1445
Mattress 280 CM Long Table2163-3453 
Short Table Mattress2163-34544CSY1476
Mattress 200 CM Short Table2163-3454 
FS Kit, Detector Cal Kit2163-5407 
FS Kit, NEMA Kit2163-5408 
Table Drive Board2163-54159CTA0858
Connector Panel2163-54169CSY0761
Two Axes Motor Controller2163-54179MOT0918
Safety Board2163-54209CSA0865
Power Supply2163-54219UNF0643
X-E Strip2163-54279DXE0715
Y Strip2163-54289DRY0714
Tune Strip2163-54299DRT0713
Power Strip2163-54309STB0712
PMT Strip2163-54319STB0716
Detector PSU Assy2163-54329PSU0729
EDC Board2163-54339CSY0900
QC Kit, Cardiocam2163-54359CSY0914
Cardiocam Handset2163-54369CSY0917
Head/Shoulder Support2163-54392CSY1318
Collimator ID Board2163-54459COL0888
Table Motor2163-54522MOT0990
X Motor (dunker motor)2163-54532MOT1272
ACQ PC Monitor2163-54543ACQ1507
ACQ PC Mouse2163-54553ACQ1508
ACQ PC W. WIN20002163-54563ACQ1573
X Motor Amplifier2163-54573AMP1111
IEEE 1394 Firewire Board2163-54583BRD1444
Firewire Cable2163-54593CBL1542
ACQ PC Keyboard2163-54603KBD1443
Ethernet Cable2163-54616CBL1080
Copley Amplifier Cable2163-54629CBL0665
CANbus Cable2163-54639CBL0870
Detector Power Cable2163-54649CBL0874
Long CANbus Terminator2163-54659CBL0876
Long EKG Cable2163-54669CBL0877
Long Firewire Cable2163-54679CBL0880
Motor Cable2163-54689CBL0884
Safety Board Power Cable2163-54699CBL0885
Motion Controller Power2163-54709CBL0886
Table Drive Cable2163-54719CBL0887
CANbus MCTR 1-2 Cable2163-54729CBL0891
Dual Input Cable2163-54739CBL0895
Dual Output Cable2163-54749CBL0896
Encoder Cable2163-54759CBL0901
CANbus Terminator2163-54769TER0561
CANbus Terminator2163-54779TER0562
HDD Motor2163-54782MOT1270
HDD Resolver Cable2163-54809CBL0531
Detector LV Cable2163-54819CBL0659
Analog Signal Cable2163-54829CBL0659
EDC Power Cable2163-54839CBL0661
HDD Motor Cable2163-54849CBL0675
External HV Cable2163-54859CBL0718
Collision Board Cable2163-54869CBL0868
Internal HV Board2163-54879CBL0871
Tune Control Cable2163-54889CBL0873
EKG Cable2163-54899CBL0875
180V AMC Cable2163-54909CBL0890
AMC Control Cable2163-54919CBL0897
Detector ID Board2163-54929COL0889
ABS Position Encoder2163-54932CSY1265
Ultimative Stop Switch2163-54949CBL0882
Ultimative Stop Cable2163-54959CBL0883
PMT & Light Seal Kit2163-54969SER0791
Vial 75X10MM2163-54972TUB0548
Lid for Vial 2TUB05482163-54982LID0549
Fuse Little 6.25A/250V2163-54993FUS0284
Fuse 12A/250V 6.3X32MM2163-55003FUS1510
Fuse 10A/250V 6.3X32MM2163-55013FUS1509
Worm Wheel For Encoder2163-55024CSY1370
Belt Syncroflex2163-55032BLT1274
M4X8 Screw for Covers2163-55042SCR0337
M4X12 Screw for Covers2163-55052SCR0088
Washer for M4 Screw2163-55062WAS0553
Detector Collision Pad, Cardio MD2163-5512 
Cable PC - Gantry2163-56019CBL0902
Power Cable2163-56029DER0411
Roll/Y Motor Amplifier2163-85009AMP0925

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