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Ordering Parts

When submitting a request for parts please include the manufacturer, model of camera and part numbers. Or contact us and describe any issues you are experiencing and we will be happy to assist you in determining how to remedy those issues and/or assist you when ordering parts to insure that the correct part has been placed.

Our goal is to provide quality service, reduced down time while providing substantial saving on your investment. Quotes on specific parts, special orders, repair service and delivery are all available through our Parts Department.

ANC carries parts in-stock for the following nuclear medicine systems:

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DescriptionGE Part NumbersADAC Part Numbers
Atlas to Acquisition Cart Cable (25ft)22598232141-2304
Detector Rotate Motion Cable23160842146-5116
HV Distribution Board22573912147-5504
Motor Controller - Amplifier Cable23160832149-3154
Matador Transition Panel22371832149-5001
Outer rotate encoder bushing51266962155-2113
Code wheel spline23924362155-2115
Radius Leadscrew51086752155-2126
Lateral Bearing Support23160922155-2165
Lead Screw23160892155-2169
Adjusting Belt Block23161062155-2170
Lower Acme Screw51134272155-2181
Gear Box Shaft23161222155-2189
Screw Stop, Vertical Z23161182155-2198
Mounting Clamp for Table Top (Composite)23161362155-2201
Table Top (Composite)23161372155-2202
Front Longitudinal Belt Cover23161012155-2219
Rear Longitudinal Belt Cover23161022155-2237
Upper Ball Nut Block23161192155-2252
Micro Switch Activated (release switch)23171662155-2413
Park/Exchange Switch on Hinge Assy23171632155-2451
Pivot Pin for Hinge23171652155-2457
Front actuator for slide locks 2155-2502
Table Pad 2155-2710
Vertical Bellows (Fabric)23161402155-2799
detector head cover 2155-2801
Detector Collimator Front Sensor (Membrane)23160722155-2802
collision touch pad on front slide lock23930272155-2802
collision touch pad upper left w/ MCD/AC option Head 1 only23975862155-2871
collision touch pad upper right w/ MCD/AC option Head 2 only23419922155-2872
collision touch pad upper right23243222155-2873
collision touch pad upper left22968092155-2874
collision touch pad lower right23239532155-2875
collision touch pad lower left22959982155-2876
Collision touch pad mounted on Head 1 Vantage cover51117852155-2879
Collision touch pad mounted on Head 2 Vantage cover51202862155-2880
Transition Lock Sub-Assy with Transition Lock Motor23092862155-3107
Transition Lock Assembly23160632155-3108
Upper Nut Pulley51134282155-3142
Upper Nut, Table 2155-3142
Nut Assembly23160902155-3166
Right Docking Pin Assembly22841802155-3169
Left Docking Pin Assembly22841812155-3170
Motor Assembly, Lateral X23160912155-3172
Longitudinal Drive Motor22843852155-3174
Upper rear actuator for slide locks 2155-3182
Lower rear actuator for slide locks 2155-3183
Front Collimator Actuator Latch Motor22894362155-3190
Actuator rear upper23896432155-3195
Rear Collimator Actuator Lower (Head 2 Latch Motor)23056422155-3196
Elevator Motor Drive Assy23171612155-3246
Rear Collimator Actuator Upper (Head 1 Latch Motor)23896432155-3295
Upgrade kit for power supplies 2155-3367
New Docking pin switch (FMI)23237802155-3383
Ring Limit/Rotate Limit Board23160612155-3392
Collision Board 23161452155-5001
Collimator Exchange Decoder23171592155-5002
Movement Sensor Board23160582155-5003
Movement Sensor Board23160642155-5003
Movement Sensor Board23160582155-5003
Gantry Roll Limit PCB23161532155-5005
SW1/SW4 PCB 2155-5006
Transition Limit Board23853632155-5008
Gantry PC Multi-Interface Board23183872155-5009
Control Unit23171582155-5012
AC Power Cable (Atlas Umbilical Cable)23160512155-5055
3 Channel Servo Amplifier23160872155-5154
Side Plate Detector Collimator Sensor23160702155-5167
Hand Controller22822282155-5454
Can-Bus Motion Controller (Det 2 Rotate)22742192155-5469
Can-Bus Motor Controller (Det Radius)22742192155-5469
Detector Power Supply22840222155-5471
60 VDC old style 2155-5472
48 VDC old style 2155-5473
Detector Fan Assembly23160682155-5474
Fan (220 VAC)23160562155-5475
Collimator Exchange Control Unit22913042155-5477
Can-Bus Motion Controller (X,Y,Z)22858372155-5480
Upper Ball Screw23161202155-5488
ring touchpad23249742155-5490
48 VDC new style51313572155-5495
60 VDC new style51148672155-5496
Belt Clamp23160992155-5501
Display panel on exchanger23171602155-5502
Display Panel23171602155-5502
Lower Vertical/Lower Nut Pulley23161252155-5503
Det 2 Rotate Gearbox, Brake and Encoder23160592155-5504
Radius Gearbox, Brake and Encoder22889042155-5505
Longitudinal Idler Pulley23161042155-5507
Longitudinal Drive Pulley23161052155-5511
Longitudinal Load Pulley23161032155-5512
Upper Gear Box Pulley23161242155-5556
Roll Drive Control Cable23160532155-5600
Table Signal Interface Cable (in Gantry AC Tray)23161342155-5602
SW1/SW4 Cable23160492155-5603
Transition Lock/Detector Rotate Cable23160662155-5604
Collision Board Interface Cable23160542155-5605
Non-powerpack Gantry Ring Cable 2155-5605
Main Gantry Ring Cable23318942155-5606
Roll Brake Cable23160522155-5607
Detector DC Motor Cable23160812155-5608
Detector Power Input Cable23160782155-5609
CAN-Bus Cable to PC23160552155-5610
Gantry Roll Motor Cable23160482155-5613
Internal Detector Power Cable23160852155-5615
Full Open /Soleniod Ext23160852155-5615
ETP Interface Cable23160792155-5619
Head 1 Cable 23160762155-5620
Head 2 Cable 23160772155-5621
Radius Limit Cable23160822155-5623
Wiring Collimator Tower (Umibilical)23171672155-5625
Tower DC motor23171682155-5634
Ring Bore Sensor23160742155-5635
Radius Plate Collimator Sensor23160732155-5636
J1/J2 Cable Assembly23161162155-5657
Table Cable (Table to Gantry)23161162155-5657
Docking Limit Switch Cable23161152155-5661
X-Limit Switch Cable23160932155-5663
Longitudinal Distribution Box - Signal Harness23161142155-5664
Terminator Plug23161352155-5674
Longitudinal Chain Cable23161172155-5675
Hand Controller Cable22907312155-5677
Det face collimator id pin connector (conical pins)23821362155-5686
Collision "T" Harness Cable23160862155-5690
Collision "T" Harness Cable51051832155-5691
Y-Limit Switch Cable23160942155-5697
Z-Limit Switch Cable23160952155-5698
Lateral Distribution Harness23160962155-5706
Detector Cover Collimator Cable22963092155-5722
Main Gantry Ring Cable(Power Pack)51234832155-5738
Powerpack Gantry Ring Cable 2155-5738
Collimator Tray Release Solenoid22934485060-2020
E-Stop Lens Cap23160455070-1395
E-Stop Switch23160445070-1396
E-Stop Clip23160465070-1397
Micro Switch activated by Coll. Release PLGR,PB,STDP 5A,23171315070-1408
Limit Switches, Lateral X22940815070-1418
Planetary Gear for Det 2 Rotate 5100-0098
Plastic Fasteners (Bellows)23161415100-1083
Table Caster23161385100-1260
Copley Amplifier23160655100-2174
E-Stop & Collimator Release Switch 5100-2174
10A Circuit Breaker23160575100-2208
Snap ring for inner Code Wheel 51266975100-8220
.17mm ID Ball Bearing23161135100-9810
Thrust Bearing23161105100-9811
12mm ID Thrust Bearing23161325100-9813
12mm ID Ball Bearing23161335100-9814
Servo Motor, Lateral X23160885101-0710
Servo Motor 23160885101-0710
Gear Box23939455101-0711
Servo Motor, Vertical Z23159745101-0712
Longitudinal Gearbox 80:123160985101-0713
Lower Belt23157965101-0714
Upper Belt23159755101-0715
Longitudinal Drive Belt22940805101-0716
Transition Lock Motor22876415101-0730
Radius Servo Motor23160605101-0731
Elevator Motor Only23160605101-0731
Servo Motor Drive Belt23160975101-0732
Motor Coupling23161075101-0733
Coupler (Motor to Gearbox)23161215101-0735
.50 ID Ball Bearing X .437 wide Ball Bearing23161085101-9601
.50 ID Ball Bearing X .50 wide Ball Bearing23161095101-9602
35 mm ID Thrust Bearing51133785101-9606
K1, K2, K3 relays51422045110-1062
Detector HV Power Supply23084475200-2972
Gantry PC Stealth VGA Card23176635200-3183
Gantry PC Dual-Channel Can Bus23193675200-3544
Copley Amplifier23160695200-3545
Gantry PC Predator Motherboard23021565200-3555
24 VDC supply23161515200-3556
Gantry PC Ethernet Card22789225200-3558
Anti-slip Tape for Base Covers23161395200-3570
Gantry PC Dual-Port Interface23193115200-3573
I/O 32 Bit Board23193115200-3625
ATX Power Supply23824815200-3698
2-Sided Tape to hold sensors in place23160719999-5244
Washer behind snap ring5126699M434-0005

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