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When submitting a request for parts please include the manufacturer, model of camera and part numbers. Or contact us and describe any issues you are experiencing and we will be happy to assist you in determining how to remedy those issues and/or assist you when ordering parts to insure that the correct part has been placed.

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ANC carries parts in-stock for the following nuclear medicine systems:

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DiscriptionSiemens Part NumberPart Number
Relay 24V 10A 150VDC0050038-063545345
Optical Slipring Splitter0090006-013549271
Optical Slipring Combiner Board0090006-023547150
Optical Slipring Transmitter0090006-033547077
Optical Slipring Receiver0090006-043547051
Fiber Optic LCD Backlight0250022-023553042
Transformer 400V 68VCT 4.4A0830011-033545303
Snap Action Switch 5A0960026-053545501
Photointerrupter Switch0980024-002950538
Plunger Switch, Snap In0980058-003549248
Limit Switch 15A0980076-007568210
ART Source Holder1302234-003549172
Internal Ring Gear1302437-003551632
Rod End1302520-003550394
Gear Ring Clamp1302543-003548752
Fan Modification1302630-003547648
Rail Attachment1302690-003550584
Tunnel Laser1302730-003546772
Left Leveling Foot Bracket1302765-013549404
Right Leveling Foot Bracket1302765-023552556
Modified Leveling Pad1302775-003552564
Safety Service Stop1302870-003546863
Drive Roller1302872-003547036
Cap Source1302915-003550410
Pallet Support Cradle1310053-002950546
Panel Plate Filler1630469-003552374
Panel Drive Filler1630482-003552382
SCSI Terminator Male/Female2140044-003547945
Leveling Pad Stud2290004-013548489
Chain Cable .25Pitch2310028-382950561
Micro-Rib V-Belt2310056-003554669
RF Shield Gasket Clip-On2390033-013545485
Fan Air Filter2500008-042954555
Schroff VME Cardcage Assembly2500018-003546939
VME Cardcage 21 Slot and VSB 6 Slot2500020-003551343
Gantry Cover Slotted Flange Latch2530077-003550949
Button Head Screw 8-32X3/82600152-027568236
Tuflok Removable Fastener2640025-073549693
Disposable Tan head Strap2810004-008727963
Chloramane-T Algicide 250Gal.2960017-243553273
14ft Clock and Control Cable3000005-012951981
RTSII Interconnect Cable3000290-002951866
Front Panel Connection Cable3000303-002976657
Gantry Bracket to Cont. Pnl Cable3000346-003548968
RTS SCSI Ribbon Cable 9213000362-002979644
E-Stop Cable 9213000363-007567873
14 ft HR Data Cable3000379-002975519
14ft HR Clock/Data Cable3000380-002975527
14ft HR (24 Cond) Clock Cable3000385-002975535
HV HR Bucket Cable3000396-002954589
ECAT EXACT 47 Bucket Power Pigtail3000397-003547747
Gating Cable3000412-018728136
SUN SCSI Cable3000454-002979867
Clutch Pigtail Cable3000486-003545188
Front ACSII/RTS Panel Cable3000490-003547226
14ft HR P20 Data Cable3000491-003547739
HR P20 Clock/Data Cable3000492-007567881
HR Clock/Conductor Cable3000493-003547721
ART Clock/Conductor Cable3000501-003546681
ART Data/Conductor Cable3000502-003546673
VSB Sorter Cable3000540-003553364
EXACT P20 DataCable3000542-003550550
EXACT P20 Clock/Data Cable3000543-007567899
EXACT P20 Clock Cable3000544-003550568
Septa Motor Cable3000574-013551202
Gantry bracket Cable3000705-003554313
Compax Serial Test Cable3000841-008728151
Trilogy Program Ribbon Cable3000842-008728169
Interconnect Cable Systems Kit3010071-008415544
Gantry Controller 9213100125-012952781
RTS Coincidence Input3100126-002950686
Analog Processor 9213100127-001761175
Position/Energy Processor 9213100128-002950280
Bucket Controller 9213100129-001764849
1000 Plane Sorter3100138-002950702
Formatter 1000 Plane3100140-002950744
Gantry Controller Clock Expander3100141-002950769
Coincidence Processor 23100142-022979271
ACSII Rot Rod Converter 9613100144-023548034
ACSII HR+ Rot Rod Converter3100144-033553380
ACSII Rot Rod Converter 9223100144-043550535
RTS Injector Monitor 1000 Plane3100147-002951809
HR+ Gantry Controller3100156-002954613
HR Analog Processor3100158-002954597
HR Bucket Controller3100159-002954605
HR Formatter3100160-002975618
HR Gating Input3100164-003546954
RTSII Read/Write Controller3100175-002979719
Right Photointerrupter3100176-002978042
Left Photointerrupter3100177-002978034
Bed Motion Controller (Horiz Only)3100196-063551756
Fast/Slow Rod Source Motion Controller3100196-073550915
Dual Motion Controller3100198-003545295
HR+ Fiber Translator3100206-013549180
Fiber Translator 9213100206-023551335
ART Communications Controller3100208-003546988
ART 2000 Comm. Controller3100208-037568269
ART Coincidence Processor3100209-003546830
EMERGE Coincidence Processor3100209-018415551
ACSII Power Indicator3100210-003547770
ART/921 Analog Processor P20/P223100213-013553315
Power Distribution Board3100216-003549214
Lossless Coincidence Processor3100218-003547440
EMERGE Lossless Coincidence Processor3100218-027568277
ART Translator3100222-003547366
Dual Motion Bed Controller3100228-013549586
RTSIII Arbiter/Serial ACS Interface3100269-008078672
EXACT LSO Buckett Controller3100351-003554545
BGO Bucket Controller3100351-017567808
EXACT LSO Analog Processor3100359-003554552
BGO Analog Processor Card3100359-017567790
20mm Detector (Rnd Tube) 9213200348-002950843
Alignment Laser3200414-003551228
Alignment Laser 9213200438-002950884
ART Alignment Laser3200438-013548109
Heat Exchanger 9213200444-017568285
3mm Detector 9613200476-001760870
HR Alignment Laser3200477-002975634
ECAT EXACT 31 Laser Tunnel Pre-EMI3200542-023551772
ECAT EXACT 47 Laser Tunnel Pre-EMI3200542-032977684
ECAT EXACT HR 47 Laser Tunnel Pre-EMI3200549-032975659
Septa Mount Bearing 9223200733-033551178
Detector Cassette Holder3200776-017569036
HR+ Detector (Flat Ribbon Cable)3200777-003547697
Hr+ Detector (Coax)3200777-013550667
Patient Positioning Laser3200788-003550337
HR+ Laser Tunnel Pre-EMI Domestic3200789-003551780
Ring Front Limit Switch3200832-003550402
ECAT EXACT 47 Laser Tunnel EMI3200840-033551152
HR+ Laser Tunnel EMI3200861-003552218
Laser Tunnel Mobile/Fixed3200968-007567832
Laser Tunnel Mobile/Fixed3200968-017567915
Detector 9223200973-003553513
Detector 9223200973-017568293
ART Shotbolt3200994-003554636
Passive Tunnel3201955-007568319
Accel LSO Detector3201966-008727195
Detector 9223202017-007568327
EMERGE Tunnel3202104-008415577
VME Wide SCSI Adapter & Drive3220020-008077245
ACSII RTS Mizar Board3230129-022951783
Rear Septa Switch 9213230191-002952849
Shotbolt 9213230220-002950926
Front Septa Switch 9213230237-002952856
Console E-Stop 9213230245-002954142
8mm Tape Drive3230268-002952872
Spur Gear Encoder3230300-002950991
ART Spur Gear Encoder3230300-013548836
Rear Rod Source Limit Switch3230301-002951007
Zero Limit Switch3230329-002952948
Cool Plate Temp Sensor 9213230341-012979222
ACSII Cabinet Fan Tray 921/9613230343-002975667
EXACT Shotbolt3230349-007568350
Front Source Switch3230350-002977903
Rear Rod Source Limit Switch3230351-002977812
Quiet Rod Source Motor3230352-002977655
Multi-Output Power Supply3230365-002979198
Fiber Optic Cable & Spool3230372-003551822
Fast Septa Gear Motor3230433-003550170
24in Horizontal Limit Switch3230450-003545238
Pallet Release Switch3230451-003545261
Encoder Switch3230455-003547093
Vertical Enable Foot Switch3230466-003545519
Rear ACSII Panel3230472-003547788
68030/68882 VME BUS3230505-013549073
ART Front Panel Radiation Light3230506-003546749
ART Transformer/Driver3230510-003552101
HR+ Temp Sensor3230513-003551244
Comm Control Power Supply3230532-003549057
Horizontal Motor/Clutch3230535-008077252
Rod Source Photointerrupter Switch3230542-003549941
Vertical Motor3230545-003551467
EXACT EMI Box3230546-003551251
Isolation Transformer 400VAC (Europe)3230596-003549578
Isolation Transformer 100-240VAC (Domestic)3230596-013549560
HR++ Detector Cable (Hammersmith Only)3230610-003550709
Slow Rod Source Maint. Kit3230617-003551350
Fast Rod Source Maint. Kit3230617-013551459
SPARC CPU Assembly3230618-003552325
2.6Gbyte Desktop Optical Drive3230621-003553216
ART Drive Motor3230626-003553166
PHS Vert. Motor Snubber Box3230632-007568376
ART Point Source Motor3230672-003553711
ART Point Source Optical Switch3230673-003553729
2.6Gbyte ACSII Optical Drive Replacement3230685-003553190
1.2Gbyte Optical Drive Replacement3230693-003553208
Left Gantry Control Panel (Gray)3230697-003553455
Right Gantry Control Panel (Gray)3230697-013553463
921/HR Gantry Control Panel Upgrade Kit3230720-013554446
922/HR+ Gantry Control Panel Upgrade Kit3230720-023554438
ART Gantry Control Panel Upgrade Kit3230721-003554453
ART Encoder Enhancements3230734-003554024
Left Gantry Control Panel (Black)3230752-007567816
Right Gantry Control Panel (Black)3230752-017567824
HV Supply Retrofit Kit3230837-008077492
EXACT HV Supply Kit3230839-008726585
X-Ray On Door Sign3230842-008077500
60Hz Chiller Kit3240181-003552945
50Hz Chiller kit3240182-003552952
W/W 50/60Hz Chiller Kit3240189-007568426
Pinion Rod Source Holder3300047-001761068
ECAT EXACT PHS Pallet Pad3300083-002977499
PHS Pallet Support3300084-002978661
Rod Source Pig3300105-003552655
Whole Body Pallet3300123-003545279
PHS Folded Bellows3300133-003545550
Pallet Pad3300145-003551483
PHS Headrest3300171-003545287
PHS Phantom Source Holder3300180-003551491
biograph Classic BGO Detector3300188-003551889
Folded Bellows3300192-003549669
Foot Cover3300196-003549354
PET Tunnel3300389-007568434
Foot Switch Cover3300471-008415601
Foot Switch Kit3850000-007568442
ACSII Transceiver Kit3850001-008415619
Resistor Pack Kit3850002-007568459
ACSII Ribbon Cables Kit3850003-007568467
ACSII Opto-Isolator Kit3850004-007568475
Mobile Polyscience Chiller Mounting Kit3850005-007568483
E-Stop Switch Kit3850009-007568517
4mm Tape Set3850010-007568525
Polyscience Filter/Strainer Kit3850012-007568541
8mm Tape Kit3850013-008077518
Recon Server PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse3850014-007568566
biograph PHS Switch Kit3850015-007568574
biograph PHS E-Stop Switch Kit3850016-007568582
Filter Clamp Kit3850017-007568590
PHS Moving Kit3850018-007568608
ART 2000 Grease Kit3850023-007568624
ART Gantry Prev. Maint. Kit (84-87)3850024-007568632
ACSII Power Supply Kit3850025-007568640
ART Gantry Prev. Maint. Kit (66-82))3850026-007568657
PHS Vert. Motion Maint. Kit3850027-008077526
4mm Desktop DDS-3 Tape Drive3850028-008077534
ART ACS Power Supply Retrofit Kit3850030-008727179
Optical Drive and Cleaning Kit3850031-008727187
ART Slipring Brushblock3850040-008415635
BNC Cable Adapter4100020-032951031
12ft SCSI Cable4100029-002953144
Custom Flat Ribbon Cable (15 Cond)4100046-003549602
4ft Fiber optic Cable (2 Cond)4100048-003552838
Sparc CPU Serial Cable4100053-013550030
68030 Force CPU Serial Cable4100054-013547804
CPU Ethernet Cable4100057-018078581
15ft CAT5 Cable (ST)4100062-037568673
12ft Crossover Cable4100063-017568681
Fiber Channel Cable4100078-018726478
68020 CPU Module5000029-012951502
Ethernet Controller/Arbiter5010036-001557979
BNC Transceiver5010043-002953193
Chrislin VME 32Mbyte5010044-002951064
VSB Backplane (2 Slot)5010067-012979560
16Mbyte Dynamic Memory Module5010068-012979545
VME Supercard5010069-003547994
SBUS Fast SCSI Ethernet Interface5010070-003550220
SBUS Ethernet Cont. Interface5010071-003549982
VSB Backplane (4 Slot)5010079-003549255
Blackbox Coax-CAT5 Media Converter5010095-007567972
AUI-10 Base-T Converter (7.2)5010097-003554370
Blackbox KVM Switch5010121-007568699
10ft CPU-KVM Cable5010122-017568707
10ft Control Station Cable5010123-017568715
1.3Gbyte Optical Media (Magneto)5020036-013551418
1.3Gbyte Optical Media (Artecon)5020036-023550212
644Mbyte External CD-Rom Drive5020037-002979529
18Gbyte Ultra SCSI Hard Drive5020052-003553224
4.1Gbyte Optical Media (Maxoptic)5020056-047567980
RS232 Fiber Optic Modem DTE5030030-013553398
RS232 Fiber Optic Modem DCE5030030-022951080
ACCUSYNC Triggering Device5030044-003550816
Optical Drive Cleaning Kit5040089-008726411
Power Supply 5V 90A5100039-002952245
Power Supply 5V 250A5100048-002951577
Power Supply AC-DC 100W5100062-003550964
5V-24V 5Chnl Pwr Supp.5100072-003550295
260VAC; DC output 18V/1.66A Pwr Supp5100074-017568749
5V +\-15V Pwr Supp5100076-003549644
5V/5A 15V/1.2A -15V/6A Pwr Supp5100089-007567774
265VAC 63Hz 240Q Pwr Supp5100097-003553471
Power Supply 5V 120A 600W5100106-003554420
Internal Battery Kit5100110-028415643
ART/EMERGE HV Power Supply5100136-003546814
2Mbyte CSPI Proc. Array5300021-001558027
Ultra 60 Workstation (FR)5300072-008077617
SUN Keyboard/Mouse/Power Cord5300072-028726759
Blade 2000 Unix Keyboard/Mouse5300101-028728243
Battery Replacement -00 Rev35510023-043552192
Battery Replacement -05 Rev45510023-063550683
64Mbyte DRAM Memory5510024-003547283
256Mbyte VME Memory5510024-013553141
4mm Tape Drive5510027-003546574
VME Wide SCSI Adapter5510061-007568889
Brushblock Assembly5550001-028415569
Slipring Transmitter5550004-033554594
Slipring Receiver5550004-063554586
Slipring Antenna Carrier5550004-078415684
Circuit Breaker 2.5A 2Pol5610018-043545329
Circuit Breaker 2A5610023-058415692
Circuit Breaker 5A5610023-103548869
Circuit Breaker 10A 2Pol5610026-013546905
Circuit Breaker 6A 2Pol5610026-023546913
Circuit Breaker 12A5610028-023551004
Circuit Breaker 12A 250V 2Pol5610029-023551277
10in Fan 230V5630018-022953417
4.69in Fan 12V 1.8W5630030-003547275
6.75in Fan 220/230V5630031-003547002
6.5in Fan 12VDC5630047-007568095
Rotating Optical Encoder5650030-002951122
Step Motor 2A 35V5650051-003549206
Gear Motor 130VDC5650053-003552630
Interface Gear Motor5650054-003549131
Parallel Shaft Gear Motor 130V5650062-003553414
Gear Motor Control Driver5650063-003553430
1000 CPR Rotary Encoder5650084-007568855
1000 CPR Rotary Power Module Encoder5650084-018726965
Magnetic Band5650086-008415700
Encoder Read Head5650086-017568863
DC Motor Controller5650088-007568012
RFI Power Filter 12A 250VAC5670002-003550113
Aluminum Frame Air Filter5690002-003547754
Multi-Lube Grease7020013-002954571
Triflow Liquid Lubricant (PHS Roll Cover Shaft Only)7020014-008727153
Detector Release Tool9640451-003546624
Flex Cable Removal Tool9640705-003549859
Tunnel Alignment Tool9641591-007568038
22mm Momentary SwitchP00002328727005
SUN Blade 150 Workstation (FR)P00015728726973
biograph Foot SwitchP00015828726601
SCSI Ultra 3 Hard DriveP00018938415734
RF Shield Gasket Clip-OnP00019418415742
Phantom Specter Kit (KVM)P00019918415759
Horizon Large Media PrinterP00020958415767
Transition TunnelP00023748415783
Horizon SF PrinterP00025138415791
Lossless Coincidence ProcessorP00028138727906
PHS Control PanelP00031678415825
Slipring Cleaner KitP00032938415833
Fusion Workstation (FR)P00033298726460
PHS Vertical MotorP00035088726445
512Mbyte SDRAM MemoryP00035728415858
Horizontal Brake/Clutch Repair KitP00036188415866
CT Transition Rear CoverP00038688726452
Blade 2000 Sparc3 1.015Ghz CPU ModuleP00039088415874
256Mbyte SDRAM MemoryP00039108415882
Dowfrost 35 (5 Gal.)P00052867567766
Lexmark E232N Ethernet Printer 220VP00054058077559
19in LCD Monitor (White)P00055118726403
ACCELII LSO Detector (HiRez)P00056568727021
biograph Analog BoardP00056688726643
Vega Power SupplyP00059638726668
Power Supply 120/240VAC-12VDCP00060148726619
Mechanical Chain Source KitP00060888727070
5 Port Ethernet SwitchP00061057568723
biograph Bucket Controller (NIOS)P00061918726676
A/W Chiller Filter Upgrade KitP00062328726684
W/W Chiller Filter Upgrade KitP00062368726692
SUN Blade 2000 Console Workstation (FR)P00066548415890
ART/EMERGE Gantry Cont. Power Supply KitP00066728726791
biograph Fiberoptic Data CableP00067298726700
biograph Coin. Proc. (Glink)P00072328726635
biograph LSO Duo ACSIII (FR)P00074228726908
biograph LSO Classic ACSIII (FR)P00074558415528
biograph BGO Classic ACSIII (FR)P00074567568301
biograph 16 ACSIII (FR)P00075228726916
biograph LSO DUO PICO ACSIII (FR)P00075238727054
biograph 16 PICO ACSIII (FR)P00075248726924
biograph 16 HiRez ACSIII (FR)P00075388726932
biograph Classic PRS (FR)P00075438077641
biograph LSO DUO PRS (FR)P00075468726940
biograph LSO DUO PICO PRS (FR)P00075488726957
A/W Annual Chiller Maint. KitP00077078727914
Lambda Pwr Supp Fan Mod AssemblyP000781910097643
EMERGE/ACCEL LSO DetectorP00079377567857
W/W Annual Chiller Maint. KitP00081128727922
W/W Semi-Annual Chiller Maint. KitP00081138727930
biograph S16 PICO/HiRez PRSP00082808728144
19in LCD Monitor (Black)P00082828727104
Copper Finger Stock GasketP00083648415536
PHS Control Panel Replacement KitP00083968726437
Violet Paint KitP00087618727948
Siemens White paint kitP00087628727955
Gantry Cover Caps and Screws KitP00089038727971
biograph 6 HiRez ACSIIIP00092398727096
Dowfrost Maint. KitP00095438728102
W/W Initial Annual Chiller Maint. KitP00095458728110
A/W Initial Annual Chiller Maint. KitP00095478728128
UPS Power Supply 6KVAP00101203553976
UPS Power Supply Ext. Battery CabinetP00102087567758
SUN LCD monitor Kit (FR)P00103858078631
ART Belt Drive Motor Retrofit KitP00108398727120
SUN 22in CRT MonitorP00110378077757
UPS Pwr Supply 208V/220V/23V/240VP001127210097644
Switching Pwr Supply 5V/180A & 5.2V/60AP001136910097645

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