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Nuclear Gamma Camera Experts

Advanced Nuclear Consultants is an industry leader in refurbished nuclear gamma cameras and offers nationwide service by a team of trained professionals. Our goal is to increase your market share by offering ACR or ICANL quality at an affordable price with savings up to 40% on OEM parts and service agreements.

We understand that your gamma camera is an essential component to your practice, resulting in improved patient care, increases revenue, and exciting new business opportunities.

Golden Plains Community Hospital

We just wanted to say thank you for the prompt and professional de-installation of our ARC 3000 nuclear camera. Your company helped expedite the installation process for our new nuclear camera.   We were unable to find a to find a nuclear camera service provider who could effectively remove the equipment we had, however. Mr. Armijo and his team engineered the solution that got the job done, when no one else could.  Great Job!

Richard Sandoval, Practice Manager

Silver Cardiac Associates

I have recently had the pleasure of working with Mr. Richard Armijo and his staff at Advanced Nuclear Consultants in the placement of a Gamma Camera in a private practice setting in Silver City, NM. I found Richard and his consultants to be straight shooters, did what they said they were going to do, and these guys were fast.  The whole install went smoothly and as well as could be expected.

Scott Smith, MD

Montgomery Heart & Wellness

We began to work with Richard Armijo (Advanced Nuclear Consultants) in the fall 2004 during construction of our facility. Richard went above and beyond in salesmanship, service, and assistance. He worked with our site superintendent and architect to ensure the room was well within the specifications for our new equipment, ensuring everything was done right the first time so there would be no delays or unnecessary costs … great attention to detail!

Baxter Montgomery, MD, FACC

San Antonio Heart, PLLC

Always highly skilled and professional. Excellent customer interactions with prompt and courteous service every time. They go above and beyond to meet our needs. Great choice for San Antonio and any surrounding areas!

Rhonda Hagen, CNMT

Atlanta Heart Associates

Thank you to Advanced Nuclear Consultants and Mr. Armijo for coming through with his promise of service for our cardiology practice as we've had excellent service and technical support! Atlanta Heart Associates is a leader in cardiology and cardiac imaging as we provide the convenience of nuclear stress testing for our patients every day, so service was the primary factor in our decision to work with ANC. Although Advanced Nuclear Consultants are based out of Houston, their national service commitment made us feel like they are local. We have 10 locations in GA, however, our location in Stockbridge, GA recently purchased a refurbished Philips CardioMD III from Advanced Nuclear and it is working out GREAT!!

Rosa Peppers, CNMT

Baytown Heart & Vascular Center

Mr. Armijo is a gentleman who I have known and worked with since 2005.  In my practice, when I was first looking for a nuclear camera, I looked at several others and even considered buying a new camera.  However, after discussing with Mr. Armijo, I felt based on his competency and understanding of our needs, I felt Advanced Nuclear was the right choice and have since purchased two more Nuclear Cameras.

Edward Leahey, MD, PA, FACC

Service and Compliance Consultants, Inc.

I have worked with Richard and the Advanced Nuclear Consultants team on several projects since 2004. I have always found them to be highly ethical and thorough at all levels.  For that reason, it has been my pleasure to be their Radiation Service Officer (RSO) now counting over 10 years.

Cathy Jones, LMP

The Woodlands Heart & Vascular Center

The team at Advanced Nuclear sold us an excellent product at a good price. Their folks are reliable and friendly and very down to Earth. I would do business with them again (but hopefully won't have to for a purchase for years to come lol) and our camera has been wonderful. I am here to tell you its worth the savings and the friendliness of their staff to give them a call.

Jasmine Kahn, MD

Advanced Cardiology of Owensboro

Advanced Nuclear Consultants has been a great partner to Advanced Cardiology of Owensboro for many years. Richard Armijo and his teams have provided an unparalleled level of support to ensure we are serving the needs of our patients at the highest level. Thank you!!

Dr. Roshan K. Mathew, FACC, FACP, FASCAI